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Frequently Asked Questions

Our software connects directly and syncs to your Amazon account. Once connected, we are able to access all the information required to reconcile and prep and ship your inventory to Amazon on your behalf. Once onboard, you will get access to a Self-Serve Client Portal, where clients can login and make requests, update inbound inventory, and check the status of their shipments. Our software has the following features:
  • Amazon App Integration
    Our software connects directly to your Amazon account. All the information required for prep and shipment is available and displayed on our software portal. We do not use spreadsheets.
  • Live Inventory Sync
    As you add items to your Amazon account, your inventory will automatically update in our software in real-time. You do not need to provide us this information manually.
  • Amazon Prep Requirement Sync
    With our software, you can rest assured that all necessary Amazon preparation requirements for your ASINs will be identified and included in your prep plan. This automation ensures that no critical steps are overlooked.
  • Shipment Plan Sync
    Our software takes care of the shipping plan on your behalf. Your only task is to order inventory and add the ASINs to your account.
  • Automatic Billing & Tiers
    Our careful scanning process ensures that all units prepped and are accounted for accurately, minimizing the risk of errors and providing confirmation of the units shipped. Once the shipment is complete, our software generates an invoice for the shipment.
  • Analytics & Reports
    Easy access to your invoices, prep analytics, and reports detailing your past prep orders with us.
  • Automatic Tracking
    The client portal will automatically track inbound and Amazon shipments so that you have insight along every step of the process.

A typical FBA shipment will take between 1 to 3 business days to prep and ship to your FBA account. Please note that shipment requiring FDA Prior notice could take up to an additional day. We send shipments Monday to Friday (excluding holidays).

We can prep just about anything, excluding Hazmat. If you have any items of concern or specific questions, reach out to us at and we will be happy to provide more insight.

There is no monthly fee or any sign up for our service.

We provide prep service for all models: OA/RA, Wholesale and Private label.

Yes, you can drop off your inventory at our warehouse. Our only request is to please let us know when you are coming. There is no charge for dropping off inventory.

Our warehouse has live monitoring security with 24 hours CCTV surveillance.

In rare occurrence, if the inventory is damaged or lost due to our fault, we will ask for proof of purchase and either replace the exact item or reimburse you for the cost of the item.

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